Twenty-First-Century Slaves

Nico and his sister, Maria, are orphaned in the fighting when a vicious new regime takes over their government. The siblings soon find themselves kidnapped, separated, and put under the power of evil traffickers.

Nico and Maria are now two of thirty million slaves who are invisible in this corrupt world. About half are sex slaves, and about half are menial workers. The rise in refugee numbers plays in to the hands of the people-trafficking gangs. This oversupply of young flesh makes life cheap, and slaves are discarded like any commodity in surplus.

Nico and his sister are separated, and the greatest fear is that they will never see each other again. They are powerless in this cruel organisation. Their predicament and pain are real, as it is for all these thirty million individuals. It is not merely a bad dream for them. Every day and night are the same hopeless grind.



Original Bible Truth

The Bible today has been corrupted. The sacred names of Yahweh have been replaced with pagan names, and ancient religions (as well as their rituals and sacred days of observance) have infiltrated the Christian calendar.

The purpose of this booklet is to provide a very simple summary of real Bible truth to a world completely deceived by both modern Jewish and Christian traditions. It also seeks to shed light on the inconsistencies in New Testament and Christian practices.



Poems: Reflecting the Truth – Volume One

This book is a compilation of poems that tell about the human race, the world we are living in, the laws and equality, the government, and freedom. This book also tells us about Yeshua’s teachings and instructions that lead us to question ourselves: Have we followed his teachings? Have we?



What’s Happening to Our World?

The world is the most dangerous place, with wars and rumors of wars. Trading and security alliances are breaking up, like Brexit. America is breaking treaties and agreements, and nationalism is rising like it did before the Second World War.

Climate change is resulting in more droughts and heat waves. Hurricanes and typhoons are becoming stronger and more intense. Sea levels are rising fast as ice held in the glaciers at the Arctic and Antarctic melts.

Food crops are failing, fishing stocks are diminishing, and the poorest people starve.

Tribal hatreds are arising, and forest and grass fires are increasing to the extent that they are now barely manageable. As all these factors defeat governments, the world will turn to a superbeing and hand world power over to him and a political dictator.

These two will be in the interests of world survival, which demands absolute obedience and loyalty of all followers, who will be required to have the identifying mark of the church. Those who refuse the mark will not be allowed to buy or sell and will therefore starve.

Is this how it will end?

Read on.




Brexit Demise of Great Britain


Ernie Hasler employs fiction in this exciting, fascinating political thriller to explore the many fascinating truths and facts suppressed and falsified by church and state regarding Brexit.



Poem: Volume Two


Global warming is now affecting every part of the oceans, surface, and atmosphere of our planet. We are experiencing catastrophic weather events ranging from wildfires; increasingly severe storms, flooding, droughts; rising sea levels; reduced clean water; extinction of species; loss of pollinating insects; reduced ocean life; loss of agricultural productivity; reduced fishing yields; population conflicts; and large movements of refugees.



Meet the Author

Ernie Hasler

Ernie Hasler

retired as a health and safety advisor after more than a half century of work on some big jobs, also becoming the first advisor in Scotland to gain the specialist NEBOSH diploma in environmental management…